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Hi, I’m April! Welcome to my food world where I share easy recipes made with everyday ingredients ❤ Whether you’re looking for great dinner recipes or ideas for breakfast, appetizers, sides, or desserts, I have so many delicious recipes to share with you! Learn more…
I'm Dee, and I add vegetables to dessert. My recipes are always vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. Visit me on Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube Channel! .

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These toast recipes are stunning! I would love to serve these at a party. LOVING everything about this idea. They all look delicious.

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Remove the bay leaf, pour over cooked hand nested (plant-based) pappardelle noodles (or use your favorite pasta) and pack your delicious pasta in your lunch box.
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First brought to New York City by Jewish immigrants from Poland, the bagel conquered America as a quintessential breakfast food. One of the most classic ways to enjoy a bagel, particularly in New York, is topping it with lox (brined and smoked salmon) and cream cheese. For the full experience, add on a slice of tomato, capers and red onion. If you're not a big breakfast fan, cream cheese and lox fries exist, too.

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    Kids love pulling apart these biscuits, and when you add cheese and bacon, even better! Cheesy Bacon Pull Apart Biscuits Recipe

    These Chocolate Banana Muffins are filled with chocolate chips & sprinkled with sugar. Even though they’re homemade, you don’t even have to get the mixer out!
    Bust out that Instant Pot and get ready to make your mornings a whole lot easier with this quick and tasty recipe. Literally set it and forget it to make a batch for the entire week in less time than it takes for a morning shower. Pile on the toppings for a family-friendly breakfast everyone can enjoy.

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    Thank you for leaving a comment. Your comment will be approved shortly. Have a great day. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Share this pos... 2020 UPDATE: This recipe has been visited over 4 million times! Thank you for the love!!! Read the comments--lots of people love it a... August is my favorite month so far for Twelve Loaves because we are working with herbs. I love them all. I find great joy in preparing a... Appetizers (23) Beef (17) Bread (21) Breakfast (9) Casserole (21) Cheese (38) Chicken (24) Chocolate (17) Cookies (29) Dairy Free (6) Dessert (40) DIY (3) Easy (24) Easy Dinner (26) Eggs (11) Family (10) Fruit (10) Gluten Free (124) Healthy Eating (13) Holiday Baking (11) Homemade (31) Hot Dips (8) Jalapeno (3) Paleo (41) Pasta (20) Poetry (14) Rice (8) Salad (30) Sandwiches (9) Seafood (9) Sifting Through Life (57) Soup (21) Thursday Thoughts (14) vegan (38) Vegetables (44) Vegetarian (27) All images are the propriety of Sherron Watson and Simply Gourmet Photography.. Powered by Blogger. Search for in All Contest Recipes Easy Recipes Kids Section Shabbos Recipes Submitted Recipes Weekly Recipes Yom Tov African | Asian | Caribbean | Chinese | Cuban | Egyptian | Greek | Indian | Indonesian | Italian | Jamaican | Japanese | Korean | Mediterranean | Mexican | Moroccan | Persian | Spanish | Thai | Vietnamese anchovies | antipasti | FISH | flounder | halibut | imitation crab | imitation lobster | salmon | tilapia | trout | tuna | whitefish artichokes | arugula | asparagus | basil | beet | bok choy | broccoli | butternut squash | cabbage | carrots | cauliflower | chickpeas | chili | cilantro | cole slaw | corn | cucumber | eggplant | green beans | leeks | lentils | lettuce | mushrooms | olives | onions | peppers | potatoes | pumpkin | purple cabbage | quinoa | rhubarb | romaine | salads | soy | spinach | squash | sweet corn | sweet potatoes | tomatoes | VEGETABLES | zucchini Beef | brisket | chicken | cholent | corned beef | cornish hens | duck | egg | ground beef | ground turkey | hot dog | kebabs | lamb | liver | london broil | MEAT | meatball | meatloaf | pastrami | pot roast | ribs | sausages | short ribs | steaks | stews | turkey | veal béchamel | blue cheese | butter | cheese | cottage cheese | cream cheese | dairy | goat cheese | mozzarella | parmesan | ricotta | yogurt babka | baklava | bars | biscotti | blondies | breads | bread pudding | brownies | buns | butterscotch | cakes | candy | caramel | CHALLAH | cheesecake | CHOCOLATE | chocolate cake | chocolate chip | chocolate pudding | cobbler | cookies | corn bread | cupcakes | custard | danishes | DESSERTS | doughnuts | dulce de leche | frozen desserts | fudge | ice cream | jelly | marshmallows | mascarpone | meringue | muffins | pastries | Puddings | sorbet | soufflé | tarts | tiramisu | trifle | truffles Chanukah/ Hanukkah | hamantashen | Nine days | pareve | Passover | Purim | Rosh Hashanah | Shavuos | Simanim | Succot | Sufganiyot | Thanksgiving almonds | apples | apricots | avocado | banana | barley | beans | black beans | black-eyed peas | blueberries | cantaloupe | cashew | cherry | citrus | coconut | cranberries | dates | figs | honeydew | lemon | limes | mangoes | nuts | oranges | papaya | peaches | peanuts | pears | pecans | pineapple | pomegranates | raspberries | strawberries | Tangerine | watermelon | wheat berries | walnuts appetizers | barbeque | beverages | preserves | breakfast | brunch | burgers | burritos | chutney | dips | drinks | grilled | HEALTHY | kids | kugel | latkes | leftovers | pizza | sandwiches | sauce | SIDES | SOUPS | spicy | stir fry | stuffings Abigael’s | Le Marais | Nobo Wine and Grill | Rare Steakhouse | The Prime Grill | Tierra Sur Restaurant agave | alcohols | amaretto | beer | coffee liqueur | curry | cumin | noodles | oats | red wine | tofu

    No recipe needed here really; just boil your favorite noodles and toss with nutritional yeast! Serve or pack in your lunch box.
    This simple dish takes just a couple of minutes to make and will make a great hearty breakfast or lunch. Best served with noodles, rice or salad.

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    The trick to nailing breakfast during the work week? Make-ahead breakfasts, baby. Whether it’s overnight oats, freezer burritos, or breakfast muffins, work a little magic the night before, and you’ll barely have to lift a finger come morning!

    These gourmet recipes on a budget feature gourmet-style recipes that are full of flavor and flair, but won’t hurt your wallet!
    GOURMET LUNCH BOXES Having a special meeting or want to impress a client with a lunch that offers some pizazz?? Then go with our Gourmet Lunch Boxes! Also great for Ravinia, local band concerts and other outdoor venues. ROAST ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND $12.95 per person Roast Beef, smoked Gouda, sautéed mushrooms

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    Tender lamb chops braised in wine and served with pea puree and freshly made fennel-flavoured crust.

    Create the ultimate banana bread with this 'rockstar' recipe created by Matt Preston including peanuts and flaming rum. Our most popular searches Pasta Vegetarian Cake
    Grilled cheese sandwiches are so good, I’ll find any excuse to have them… even for breakfast! Give this well-loved classic a twist for your morning meal by adding in scrambled eggs, sausage, and lots of melted cheese!

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Whether you’re serving tapas, appetizers, or just want to start things off with a salad, these budget-friendly starters are here to help!

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For a quick and easy weeknight dinner solution, it's hard to beat this delicious, old-fashioned, BEST Hamburger Gravy recipe! This American classic is the perfect comfort food to whip up after a long day - it's ready to serve in 25 minutes! This old staple of the … Continue reading →

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Some take no work, some may challenge you, some are from my web site, and some are from other great cooking sites. It’s my opinion, if you prepare all the courses as described above and you take my advice as to lighting and music, by the time you get to this dessert it won’t matter what you serve. She will be impressed and appreciate all the effort you have made.

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There were many beautiful photographs accompanying the recipes in the Gourmet magazines; they could have easily been put into the DVD. Wouldn't that have been great? 5.0 out of 5 stars The 2006 edition with the DVD has darker text recipe titles. By Poppy-HG on November 3, 2017 Be sure to purchase the newer version, the 2006 edition, with the DVD. It has the darker orange recipe titles, unlike the light yellow text of the original 2004 edition which was difficult to see.

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