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BEST Bolognese Sauce Recipe Look no further for the richest, tastiest, most flavorful bolognese sauce EVER! Layers and layers of FLAVOR mingle together to create a depth that will make your taste buds sing! The Ultimate Homemade Bolognese Sauce Bolognese is one of … Continue reading →

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And below I am sharing some comfort food recipes I also like to bring, and even a fun chocolate dip!
FISH FOR TWO WITH LEMON SHERRY PAN SAUCE – The Life Jolie | Fish is a great contender for fast dinners because it doesn’t need a long cooking time and a simple pan sauce is all it needs to dress it up a little. I love the flavors in this simple dinner for two and it all comes together in less than 30 minutes. .

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I tested different dishes and glasses for serving the Panna Cotta including wine glasses and ramekins. I think they all worked beautifully. My breakfast Panna Cotta definitely tasted like a rich vanilla yogurt. But it made for a gorgeous and delicious breakfast presentation – layers of crunchy granola, chewy dried fruit, zippy tart berries, and a drizzle of last summer’s wineberry syrup. The same visual layers can be accomplished in any clear glass if ramekins are not available. With just a bit of chilling time and not too much effort, you too can turn ordinary into extraordinary. 1 1/2 tsp powdered gelatin (1 package)3 cups plain yogurt1/2 cup milk1 tsp vanilla paste2/3 cup granulated sugargranoladried fruitfrozen or fresh berriesberry syrup Posted in Culinary feats | Tagged breakfast recipes, food, gourmet breakfast recipes, photography, recipes, yogurt panna cotta | 2 Replies Choose a topic below and click to see articles from our most popular categories
Then put on a secure lid, and refrigerate. Chilling should help thicken after a few hours. Yogurt lasts 2 days in refrigerator.

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I find these to be so entertaining to cook and if you have never tried them this is your sign! This is just one of many different ways you can prepare your eggs in the morning.
Boring, flavourless eggs are a thing of the past. This filled omelette is made with...

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Years of camping and cooking and Finally found a down to earth camping site that reflects the ultimate ideas of easy cooking and preparation. Along with all the gear and so many ideas that are 100% practcal.

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    Skip the expensive restaurant this year and treat you wife, girlfriend, significant other to a delicious, romantic dinner prepared by you right in the comfort of you own home. Forget fighting for reservations on one of the busiest nights of the year when the restaurants are overbooked, overcrowded, understaffed and charging more for a meal that you can make equally as well at home.If you are a decent cook, this will be a no brainer.

    It might sound super-fancy, but our crab and samphire pasta recipe is actually a really...
    I’m in love with Paella a la Valencia! I love Spanish flavors but was always so afraid to make paella. It just looked complicated and wasn’t something I could easily make on a weeknight for ...

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    Yummy! I recall those days of lunches on the run and this definitely sounds like a treat. I might leave the ham out but I be it would still be delicious!

    Hi, I'm Jennifer! I love creating fresh recipes that are quick and simple to make so that I can help you get dinner on the table without the fuss!
    Gourmet Recipes for One is a resource of simple, delicious recipes that focus on cooking for one. Single-serving recipes are featured as well as ideas and inspiration for achieving a well-balanced lifestyle.

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    To me, service at a restaurant is as important as the food they are serving. Nothing ruins a meal faster than bad service even if it is not the wait staff’s fault. I especially don’t want this to happen on a romantic night out.

    To make the dip, add 2 cups of yogurt to a blender along with ½ tsp vanilla cream, 1 tbsp maple syrup, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt. Blend until creamy, and split into two portions.
    Avocado and Green Goddess Grilled Cheese [ MyGourmetCafe.com ] #lunch #recipes #gourmet

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    If you think eating healthy means bland food, think again! You can eat tasty healthy gourmet food with my recipes! The recipes I’ve created help me stay trim!

    Start with meals and techniques you’re familiar with. If you are new to camp cooking, set yourself up for success by choosing camp meals and cooking techniques that you already use at home. Remember, there’s no ordering take out for plan B, so this might not be the time to attempt a souffle for the first time 😉 Luckily, most of the meals we’re sharing with you are easy enough to try on your next camping trip!
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Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, date night or just a simple weeknight meal for two, we’ve got you covered. Explore our dinner-for-two ideas and find inspiration for the perfect steak to share, an extra-special pasta dish or beautiful sizzling scallops. And for more recipes and tips, check out Jamie’s date-night favourites here. 1 hour 30 minutes Not too tricky 20 minutes Not too tricky 15 minutes Not too tricky 25 minutes Not too tricky 30 minutes Not too tricky 50 minutes Not too tricky 45 minutes Not too tricky 1 hour 15 minutes Not too tricky 55 minutes Not too tricky As seen on Friday Night Feast 15 minutes Showing off 13 minutes Super easy 24 minutes Not too tricky 28 minutes Not too tricky 16 minutes Not too tricky 10 minutes Not too tricky 1 hour 34 minutes Not too tricky 19 minutes Not too tricky 11 minutes Not too tricky 48 minutes Not too tricky 12 minutes Not too tricky 46 minutes Not too tricky 16 minutes Super easy 10 minutes Super easy 45 minutes Showing off 35 minutes Super easy 45 minutes Super easy 1 hour 50 minutes Not too tricky 35 minutes Not too tricky 15 minutes Super easy 20 minutes Super easy 25 minutes Super easy 2 hours 15 minutes Not too tricky 40 minutes Not too tricky 30 minutes Super easy 40 minutes Super easy 5 minutes Super easy 1 hour 10 minutes Super easy

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If you are interested in more cooking videos that I’ve picked out to help demonstrate important cooking techniques, check out my Reluctant Gourmet’s Favorite Cooking Videos.

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We all love a green smoothie, but sometimes it feels a little too time-consuming to pull out all the ingredients on groggy weekdays. Prep a bunch of packets to store in the freezer and never go without your greens again!

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When it comes to cooking, it’s as quick as a 2-minute sear on one side and another two minutes while they soak in some butter on the other.

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