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Kebobs are one of those items that can be intensely ‘fancy,’ but that doesn’t really need be. For me, this is the essential summer kebob. These are crazy easy to put together, satisfying, and just a delight to eat. These can be grilled on the barbecue, or stovetop on either a cast iron griddle or cast iron frying pan with a dash of olive oil.

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BEST Bolognese Sauce Recipe Look no further for the richest, tastiest, most flavorful bolognese sauce EVER! Layers and layers of FLAVOR mingle together to create a depth that will make your taste buds sing! The Ultimate Homemade Bolognese Sauce Bolognese is one of … Continue reading →
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I’m going to give you a classic recipe for Bearnaise sauce but I would like you to watch my friend Chef Todd Mohr’s short video on making Hollandaise sauce. I’m not trying to confuse you but he really explains the technique of making both these sauces which I think is important. Rather than adding the lemon juice at the end, you will add the the vinegar/tarragon reduction.
Take a browse or jump ahead to a section. There are so many recipes to choose from – salads, tacos, casseroles, soup and easy one pot and sheet pan dinners. I hope you find some new small-batch recipes to try!

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Some of these recipes use foraged food, others use food that is sometimes discarded (like shrimp shells), and others use inexpensive ingredients like vegetables and legumes.
OK- this recipe is SO easy I almost didn’t share it. BUT it’s sooooo good. Fresh, late Summer tomatoes are the star in this recipe and I promise you this will blow you away.

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What an amazing collection of summer recipes. Can’t wait to try few of these delicious recipes

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so much wonderful brunch inspiration! Strawberry rhubarb bars, very nice, thank you We love to eat, travel, cook, and eat some more! We create & photograph vegetarian recipes from our home in Chicago, while our shiba pups eat the kale stems that fall on the kitchen floor. Healthy Breakfast IdeasEasy Dinner IdeasHealthy Lunch IdeasBest Brunch RecipesVegan RecipesBest Salad RecipesBest Soup RecipesEasy Appetizer Recipes AvocadoBeetsBrussels SproutsBroccoliButternut SquashCauliflowerSpaghetti SquashSweet Potato

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    Remove the eggs from the boiling water and place in an ice bath to immediately cool them down before peeling them.

    Spread a thin layer of cream into each shell. Top with half of the reserved berries.
    Make the most of a little me-time with our selection of delicious meals for one. Think stylish brunches, super-tasty dinners and scrumptious puds – and what’s more, there’s no need to share. 55 minutes Super easy 10 simple oven-baked dinners Wonderful one-bowl dishes inspired by China One-pot wonders: the perfect excuse to get into the kitchen First

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    Order: Richie Rich ramen with chashu, ajitama brulee, kikurage, scallion, fried garlic, burnt garlic oil.

    What I want to see you guys doing this weekend is making these toasts and posting your gorgeous images on social media tagging me! I want to see your deliciousness! You know full well I’ll be making these for us as we can’t get enough of these toasts!
    Amount Per Serving: Calories: 599Total Fat: 30gSaturated Fat: 12gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 16gCholesterol: 190mgSodium: 711mgCarbohydrates: 33gFiber: 4gSugar: 6gProtein: 35g

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    Make the most of a little me-time with our selection of delicious meals for one. Think stylish brunches, super-tasty dinners and scrumptious puds – and what’s more, there’s no need to share. 55 minutes Super easy 10 simple oven-baked dinners Wonderful one-bowl dishes inspired by China One-pot wonders: the perfect excuse to get into the kitchen First

    Oh, and the best part about this recipe? It only takes 20 minutes, so you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy that perfect combo of savory and sweet.
    Asian Chicken Soup Recipe Bursting with layers of flavor, this warm and soul-satisfying chicken soup with Asian spices will mesmerize your taste buds! I've partnered with Aneto to bring you this post. I don't think I could live without soup. There are just those days … Continue reading →

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    While these might be considered weekend brunch favorites, you can also freeze them to easily reheat on weekday mornings! Just pop them into a toaster or microwave, drizzle a little syrup or jam, and breakfast is done.

    Whole oat porridge gets a savory spin with creative flavor combinations like butternut squash and ginger, or miso and avocado. A big green salad is always a welcome addition to a brunch table, and this one has it all: crisp spring radishes, crunchy roasted chickpeas, creamy avocado, toasty seeds, and dried cranberries for a little sweetness. A fresh carrot ginger dressing is the cherry on top. The best brunch recipes walk the line between sweet and savory, and this strawberry salad does just that. Sweet berries pair perfectly with creamy avocado & mozzarella, tart tomatoes, nutty pecans, and fresh basil, while a balsamic drizzle adds the tang that ties it all together. 42. Healthy Green Breakfast Tacos (a breakfast taco bar with scrambled eggs, tortillas, and all the fixings would be so fun!)
    Possibly my favorite cheesecake recipe ever, this sinfully simple cheesecake recipe is made from a base of sweetened whipped cream and cream cheese, which is then poured into a no-bake crust, and then set in the freeze for several hours. Top as you desire, and it’s ready to serve. Yes, it’s just that easy, and equally delicious.

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This Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie is just what you need to start the day! Filled with plenty of fruit and yogurt, it’s quick, easy and delicious!

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Colorful asparagus, hearty potatoes, and savory pancetta form this delicious spring-inspired breakfast skillet hash that will have you saying, “I’d put an egg on that!”

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A delicious autumn twist on a beloved American classic, this Pumpkin Sausage Gravy recipe served over fluffy homemade biscuits is sure to be a hit! Sausage Gravy and Biscuits has been an American breakfast staple for generations and it's some of the best comfort food … Continue reading →

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