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So you’re ready to bake with your starter! Congratulations. Now what?! If dreamy photos of beautifully scored sourdough boules on Instagram give you anxiety; I hear you. Enter: FOCACCIA. It's…

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It is clear, though, that at some point in the mid 1800s, the tradition of sending romantic cards began in England. The tradition grew and spread to the United States. It has really only been since World War II that the holiday has become so tied to romance and the giving and receiving of romantic gifts including cards, flowers, chocolates and jewelry.
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Anna “helped”, by which I mean she stood in her tower and kept trying to dip her finger into the baking soda.
Capturing the heart and soul of the Côte d'Azur is Socca, the famous rustic chickpea flatbread that's embraced as Nice's original street food. This Socca recipe will transport you back to Provencal France from your very own kitchen! What is Socca? Socca is a cross … Continue reading →

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Who doesn’t love Blueberry Muffins? Pair these with a Smoothie and you have your fruit for the day! Blueberry Muffins Recipe
You’ll also find recipes with (relatively) less pricey seafood options– such as flounder or domestic caviar.

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This is going to be a winner for my brunch party this Saturday. Thanks for the idea!

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These delicious breakfast sandwiches are so easy and so scrumptious. You can whip these together in just a few minutes and they taste like heaven! I have seen other recipes for breakfast grilled cheese but they look a little complicated. I am not saying they aren’t delectable but in the morning every minute counts!

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    Cinnamon rolls originated in Scandinavia, but Americans love this sweet, doughy cinnamon treat. The rolled pastry is filled with sugar and best served warm with icing on top for dessert or cream cheese for breakfast. Cinnamon roll retail chain Cinnabon has gained popularity throughout the world, but you can also easily make some fresh at home with the help of a ready-made tube from the grocery store. You can even try to make them from scratch.

    BUCATINI ALL’AMATRICIANA – Girl Gone Gourmet | This is a quick and easy pasta dish for with simple ingredients and a little kick of heat from some crushed red pepper flakes. Bring the pasta water to a boil while you prep the ingredients for the sauce and, once you add the pasta to cook, the sauce comes together by the time the pasta is tender.
    For example, Italian sauces for pasta like a Genovese sauce are much different from classic French sauces like a demi glace sauce. A simple soy ginger sauce for Chinese dumplings looks and tastes different from an Indian curry sauce. Even barbecue sauces can be different depending on where you live.

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    I'm Terri, a passionate home cook and baker, an award-winning recipe developer and a busy working mom that is trying to eat healthy and fit everything into not enough hours in a day! My mission is to share not only my recipes, cooking hacks and tips with you, but also my secrets to successful weight maintenance.

    Chateaubriand For Two is one of the first dishes I think of for a romantic situation. Lot’s of people think it is a cut of meat, the center cut of of a beef tenderloin but actually it is a method of preparation.
    I love cooking bacon in a hot oven on a sheet pan (and you have to heat the croissants anyway). It’s a no-fuss way to cook a lot of bacon in one go. Breakfast sausages, smoked salmon, slices of ham or other charcuterie will also work well, as will cheese. And if you’re serving bagels, don’t forget the cream cheese.

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    For the weekend, there’s nothing better than waking up to a hearty breakfast, especially one that can be prepped the night before. Here we have ten beautiful and delicious make-ahead breakfast recipes perfect for a special weekend breakfast or brunch. There are a few savory ideas and a few sweet ones, so I hope you find something new to try!

    BLUEBERRY BREAKFAST CASSEROLE | This blueberry breakfast casserole is perfect for a holiday brunch or breakfast. It’s a breakfast bake with blueberry bagels, cream cheese, and frozen blueberries that bake together in a rich custard. The top is toasty and the inside is custardy-soft and it feeds a crowd.
    *To make the oat flour, use a food processor or a blender to process a heaping ½ cup rolled oats into a fine flour and measure out one level ½ cup. Rate this recipe (after making it) Rate this recipe (after making it)

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    Roasted red peppers are the secret ingredient in this time and money saving breakfast option. Make a few to stash in your freezer and skip the drive through on your way to work with plenty of protein to get you through the day.

    Chicken is one of the leanest meat that provide a huge number of nutrition. Doctors advise that people should…
    These gluten free crepes made with coconut flour are virtually guilt free and perfect for either brunch or dessert. This is an extract from our new book, Feel Good Food.

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Chef Greg Richie came up with this recipe specifically for the book (it's on p. 202). The chapter in which it appears is titled “The Morning After” which focuses on post-coital and apres-tippling recipes. This recipe is the chapter's “money shot.” After coming up with the recipe for the book, he served it to Soco's patrons who liked it so much, he made it a permanent fixture on their brunch menu. Shown in feature image.

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Braised Red Wine Short Ribs with Parmesan Polenta - The ultimate dish for entertaining, Braised Red Wine Short Ribs simmer in the oven for hours, leaving the kitchen smelling like a savory dream and giving you plenty of wiggle room to serve them whenever you're ready. Easy & Fancy - Get some!

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Start with meals and techniques you’re familiar with. If you are new to camp cooking, set yourself up for success by choosing camp meals and cooking techniques that you already use at home. Remember, there’s no ordering take out for plan B, so this might not be the time to attempt a souffle for the first time 😉 Luckily, most of the meals we’re sharing with you are easy enough to try on your next camping trip!

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A few years later, Miss Mulock observed in ‘John Halifax, Gentleman’ (1857) that the stomach was the way to an Englishman’s heart.”

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