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Meatballs shouldn’t be enjoyed by humans only! Spread the love to your dogs by making this meatball dish that is full of protein, fibres and good Omega 3 fats. Mix all the ingredients together and make into balls Either bake or pan fry it with olive oil Serve 7. Yoghurt Treats

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Can I let you in on a little secret? Braised short ribs might look fancy and expensive, but they are crazy easy to make at home!
Greek Seasoning, an easy everyday DIY spice blend that is perfect for all kinds of homemade dishes. Make your own from scratch Greek Seasoning mix in minutes for yourself or use it as a simple gift idea for your friends and family. .

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Cover jar with a paper towel held tight with an elastic band. Set jar in a cool dry place for 12 hours, longer for a tangy-er flavor.
Kids love pulling apart these biscuits, and when you add cheese and bacon, even better! Cheesy Bacon Pull Apart Biscuits Recipe

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You don’t even need to wake up early to get breakfast ready for the whole family. This casserole takes just 5 minutes to put together before baking. You can also keep it in the fridge overnight and bake it the next morning.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Crack eggs into a large bowl. Add sea salt and black pepper then beat until uniform and fluffy (about two minutes).

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Nutella fans. Tahini enthusiasts. We see you! And we present to you these mouth-watering babka...

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I was born and raised in Ohio, lived in New York for almost 20 years, and now reside in North Carolina. I enjoy cooking, cats, plants, and tea.

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    I’m still going to post about these antipasto skewers, but man were they ever good! It took three of us to assemble them all at the last minute, but it was totally worth it!

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    Made with fresh parsley, salmon steaks, vanilla bean powder, Fleur de Sel or Sel Gris, lemon, red wine

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    Given the size and scope of the book, it's unfortunate that photos couldn't be included. The illustrations, used as fillers of blank spaces between recipes, weren't helpful in any way (simple line drawings of eggs, milk bottles, herbs, etc.). A detailed drawing of how the dish will turn out, or a small photo, would have been more useful.
    I’m still going to post about these antipasto skewers, but man were they ever good! It took three of us to assemble them all at the last minute, but it was totally worth it!

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    Make these in minutes and have a healthy breakfast option that will stay good for weeks. Just five basic ingredients plus your choice of mix-ins such as chocolate chips, nuts, or dried fruit — totally winning the back-to-school breakfast game!

    Grilled halloumi cheese, sweet Hawaiian rolls, a fried egg, and spicy mayo come together to make a fantastic quick and easy camping breakfast.
    Yummy! I recall those days of lunches on the run and this definitely sounds like a treat. I might leave the ham out but I be it would still be delicious!

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    First, you’ll sear the meat on all sides until it’s nice and crusty. Be sure to coat it in flour and use a Dutch oven or cast-iron skillet if you have one for the best results.

    When my daughter was about three months old, my husband and I went with a group of friends and their kids to the park in our neighborhood. Most of the other kids were between ages three and five, and they happily zipped without pausing from the monkey bars to the swingset to their parents for a snack refuel, and back again. I sat with a few other adults while nursing Anna on a bench.
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This is, by far, the best Monte Cristo sandwich (in my humble opinion)! This gourmet sandwich is a Mediterranean take on the Monte Cristo and is perfect when you are craving Greek flavors like Kalamata black olive and feta. Ham, grape leaves, a lemony, garlic aioli and melty cheese bring it together to make the best Monte Cristo you've ever had!

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Terrifying, really. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we know that it’s bad. And we know that if we’re going to make it less bad, we have to spend a lot of time away from other people, for an amount of time that may be a matter of weeks, but also may be many months. We don’t know, we’re going to have to see.

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GRILLED SALMON PACKETS – Girl Gone Gourmet | 20-minute grilled salmon packets with grape tomatoes, asparagus, and dill. This is the best kind of dinnertime “fast food”.

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The griddle cakes are tasty enough to enjoy on their own, but if you need a little extra something, top them off with more bacon or cheese. If you want something sweet, a bit of maple syrup is an excellent option, too!

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